Full Name: Alexander Noel Charlton
Age: 32
Title: Writer, Artist, Lord of Code
Boxers or Briefs: Your mom; that's what I like to keep close to my loins.
Favourite Game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Quote: "Art would never exist without masturbation."

Comic Counterpart


Alex is brilliant yet impulsive. Capable of doing whatever he puts his mind to, what he does is often dictated by the random impluses that pop into his slightly twisted brain. Alex is also more of a whore than you are. He will attempt to seduce anything with a pulse.


As one of the Dominos Online pair, Alex developed an early reputation towards violent and impulsive behaviour. Incidentally, creating that comic is one of the largest contributing factors of why the real Alex is so off his rocker today. Originally seen sporting incredibly spikey hair and ever changing shirts, Alex's style has grown to reflect a somewhat more mature... and a somewhat less mature Alex.

Comparisons to the Real Alex

Both in physical appearance and psychological attributes, the character is an accurate depiction of the real Alex.

Granted, the real Alex's cheeks aren't as perfectly round. Perfectly sculpted is more the term one tends to use.


In earlier comics, Alex has shorter brown hair and wears a vest over a long sleeve shirt or a blue on blue long sleeve shirt. This was abandoned for the more stylish black dress shirt with pink tie, and matching pink hair, grown out. The real Alex is known to dress in both ways, but more commonly in the latter, so we decided to go with that. Also, it adds further to the distinction between characters.