Full Name: Felan Stephen Parker
Age: 34
Title: King of the Elves
Boxers or Briefs: Why the tupping hell are boy-cut briefs so hard to find for boys?
Favourite Game: Commander Keen/Morrowind/NWN
Favourite Colour: Brown, probably.

Comic Counterpart


Probably the most intellectual of the crew, which isn't saying much, Orwell is the source of many a ridiculous idea. Put him and Rockwell in a room together, and wait for something either brilliant or really, really stupid to happen.


The second Nihilist Raisins character, named after George Orwell (for no reason other than the fact it was also a '-well' name, like Rockwell).

Comparisons to Magill

Orwell doesn't look anything like Magill.

Comparisons to Felan

Orwell does look a fair bit like Felan. The glasses, the hair, and the Harry Potter resemblance are all pretty realistic. Personality-wise, they're pretty similar too, although Felan might be a tad more reserved in the real world. Unfortunately, the Foo shirt doesn't exist, but maybe it will one day.

Also, please don't sack Felan.


Actually, Orwell is probably the most consistent character in Nihilist Dominos, other than possibly Laura, who hasn't really had time to be inconsistent, or McPlaid, who everybody is too afraid of. He had one minor hairstyle change a long time ago, and that's pretty much it.