Full Name: Laura Carmen Helen Nieves Florida D'Alessandro
Age: 31
Title: Arist, Writer(very rarely)
Boxers or Briefs: Sumo thongs!
Favourite Game: Chrono Trigger/Harvest Moon Series
Favourite Animals: Monkeys and penguins!

Comic Counterpart


Laura, Stockwell's girlfriend, was given the role of bitch quite early on, as the role of ditz was filled, and the need for a counterbalance was present. This newcomer filled it well. She really only hates Orwell, though. That damnable Orwell.


Before the comic industry Laura could be spotted trying to catch ducks at the local pond. She was unsucessful and quickly fell into a deep despair, until a not so special day when she decided to use her cartoony self in a comic, instead of just looking comical down at the pond.

Comparisons to the Real Laura

Laura is Phil's girlfriend, in and out of the comic.

Psychologically, the actual Laura is the opposite of a bitch, and does not desire to kick Orwell in the balls.

Physically, she is basically the same (sometimes she has bangs). Of course, she is without a perfectly round head. Oh but how she longs for one.