Full Name: William James Alexander Magill Foote
Age: 36
Title: God of Inconvenient Times to Scratch Yourself
Boxers or Briefs: Commando, baby
Favourite Game: Scrabbledash
Favourite Quest: To seek the Grail
Favourite Colour: Blue. No, pi-WHAAAAAAA!!!!

Comic Counterpart


Rockwell has managed to find a happy medium somewhere between completely insane and incredibly mellow. He's kind of manic, kind of laid-back, but mostly just plain old nuts. He's also been known to wax philosophical about pumpkin pie, of all things.


Rockwell was the first Nihilist Raisins character to be created, and he was named after a font. Word has it that these were the very qualities that landed him the role of Rockwell in the ND comics.

Comparisons to Magill

Rockwell is a pretty accurate depiction of Magill, in all his zany glory, though Magill does not own a green club-type shirt. Other than that, it's all there: the sideburns, the brownish hair, the loony expression. All that's missing are the trademark Magill pheromones, which have been known to attract women up to two provinces away!

Magill insists his head IS perfectly round, but we all know that it's more of a trapezoid shape than anything else.


Rockwell used to feature a strange sort of blonde, flopped-over-spiky hairdo, but it eventually evolved into something a little closer to Magill's hair style, just 'cause it took forever to draw all those spikes.