Full Name: Philippe Stuart Jones
Age: 33
Title: Artiste
Boxers or Briefs: A barrel and suspenders
Favourite Game: Hopskotch
Favourite Movie: Rushmore

Comic Counterpart


Stockwell is silly, clumsy, laid back, and likeable. He's often found doing things one would generally go to further lengths to hide, like dancing in his boxers to EMF's "Unbelievable."


A late comer to Nihilist Raisins, Stockwell has been around for long enough to know how the game works. That meant absolutely nothing.

Comparisons to Phil

Well, both have a vertical labret. Phil's hair changes between long and short every half year. He's also had two mohawks, as well as a few attempts at hair colouration, with varying degrees of success, including blue, green, and orange. Phil also has hoodies, but they're plain, and none brown. The red star on Stocky's shirt is sort of an allusion to Baby1. The change to a brown sweater was simply because black is boring.

Stockwell seems far sillier than Phil is. Phil is only really silly with Laura. Stockwell is silly with everyone. They're both horribly clumsy.


In earlier comics Stockwell may have brown hair. The decision to make Stockwell have green hair is similar to Alex having pink hair, distinction.

In some comics, Stockwell may not have a piercing. That's just 'cause we forget.