Full Name: Ronan Montague Drysdale
Age: 32
Title: Writer, Lone Samurai
Boxers or Briefs:
Favourite Game:
Favourite Colour:

Comic Counterpart


Ronan: Enlightened Zen master, martial arts expert, possessor of 1337 n1nj4 5ki112. Too bad he can't keep his head in the real world. Too many video games and a passionate obsession for martial arts have left Ronan a little more spacey than most, leading him to be known as the dunce of the ND crew.

Ronan is in love with Uma Thurman. Or the Bride. Or Uma Thurman as the Bride. Or maybe Quentin Tarantino. He's not actually sure.


Filling out the Dominos Duo, Ronan has mostly been at the receiving end of Alex's... er... outbursts. He's a good guy, though. Alex just doesn't always understand where he's coming from. Ronan's style hasn't changed at all. At all.

Comparisons to the Real Ronan

Ronan's character is basically Ronan. Martial arts, spacey, Uma Thurman... it's all there. Except Ronan doesn't have a 1337 n1nj4 hoodie. Yet!

Also, Ronan tends not to be harassed by Alex. Alex actually understands Ronan.