Frequently Asked Questions

Each question is answered by... whoever felt like answering it. The is indicated by a single letter.
It's logic.

Q: What does "Nihilist Dominos" mean?

M: Nihilist Dominos? It means something?
- Squealing guitar rif -

Q: What's with the "well" names?

M: Rockwell was the first name we concocted. I had drawn a basic, angry-looking character in Paint and had dubbed him "Rockwell" because that was the font I used to write his name. Flin liked it and decided to call the character based on him Orwell, because he was reading "1984" by George Orwell. Stockwell and Hopewell were just other names with "well" on the end. Incidentally, for all you non-Ottawa residents, Hopewell is an elementary school downtown. Oh, and Stockwell Day is an infamous Canadian politician.
F: Is that really why you named him Rockwell? Wow. Learn something new every day. The main reason we don't have any more new characters is because we can't think of any names ending in 'well.' Or something like that.
- Squealing guitar rif -

Q: Why did you decide to have so many artists and so many styles?

F: So that we could update twice a week, you ungrateful bastards.
M: Mind your own business!
F: Enh, to be honest, less workload. And don't bring up Garfield.
A: Come on, you didn't honestly think four artists would all draw exactly the same did you? The style changes mark a difference in the person drawing the comic. They also provide a way for the artists to stay interested in drawing the same people wearing the same things over and over again. The style in which an artist chooses to draw a comic on any given day depends largely on the positioning of Venus at the time, the fiber content in their breakfast that morning, and how long it would take for two trains to cross if they started out 60 miles apart with Train A moving at 15 mph and Train B moving at 40 mph.

Q: What's the update schedule?

F: Huh? Did you ask something?
M: We don't need no stinking updates.
F: Monday and Thursday. Everyone needs a comic on Monday, and Thursday is far enough from Monday, but not too far.
P: That's because the week is only seven days long.

Q: Who're your influences?

F: See links page. And Calvin and Hobbes.
M: And you, Phil.
A: Berkley Breathed.
F: Asterix, maybe.

Q: Is Hopewell based on a real person?

F: Sure she is.
A: Yea, uh, Dara Tier.
M: Llee Whop.

Q: What makes yours different from all the other comic strips out there?

M: We have the word Nihilist in the title.
F: My sense of humour! I mean... uh our sense of humour.
A: No, no, just Felan.
F: WE have an English accent! Plus, we're not a gaming comic... you hear that, guys?! WE'RE NOT A GAMING COMIC!

Q: How can I get to know So-and-so better?

A: It's a little known fact, but seven tenths of the Nihilist Dominos crew are up for grabs on mail order bride sites. Which ones are available? That's for you to find out!

Q: How many nihilists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

M: What's the point? We're all going to die in the end, anyway.

Q: Where'd the cheese go?

L: I dunno!

Q: Any more questions you believe need answering?

M: Is that a question? Do we need to answer it?